Chris Toal - Managing Director, Bodywall

Chris had a successful career in the motor and oil industries before a yacht race turned his life around. Now at age 60 he's on a mission to get others fit and strong!

On a 40ft race yacht, mid ocean and mid winter during the '97' Trans Tasman race, the boat and crew were confronted by five days of severe storms. Chris was left literally "battered and bruised" and in need of some considerable damage repair. Deep tissue massage solved the problem, became an interest, and bodywork turned into his life's passion.

During study for his therapeutic massage qualifications Chris found he needed to spend considerable time addressing previously ignored early childhood traumas and recognised that a number of these injuries impacted his current social behaviours and his ability to sustain relationships. The path to resolving these issues led to many fascinating discoveries and the development of a unique range of treatment options for trauma and pain trapped in the body.

After graduating at Wellpark College of Natural therapies Chris accepted a tutoring position the following year before focusing on his own clinical work and the development of what he saw as more effective treatment modalities. Bodytool® and ScarsAway®, plus the patented Bodywall® rehab / high performance training system and the TBT© Tennis Ball Technique and Mustang Magnetic Massagers® for self care in the home, all came from this research.

Over the past two decades Wellness at Work Ltd, have been therapy providers to many major corporations including, Microsoft, IBM, TVNZ, TV3, Deloittes, Morgan & Banks, plus elite athletes at National, World, and Olympic levels.

Chris and his therapy team were contract therapists on two America's Cup defences for Team New Zealand. Wellness at Work is currently a provider for Ports of Auckland, Air New Zealand Southern Cross and an ACC vendor provider.

Bodytool® and ScarsAway® myofascial release tools have now been sold in 50 countries the Bodywall® system he designed is patented internationally with Bodywall sites in three NZ cities and one in Sydney Australia. TBT© (Tennis Ball Technique) muscle release techniques are published and in use by therapists around the world and Chris is also a certified Trauma Release Exercise TRE® therapist, treating Post Traumatic Stress disorder.

Chris collected a few injuries and broken bones along the way having also competed in Offshore Power boating, Superbike motorcycle racing, mountain climbing and has one Pacific crossing under his belt.

Chris is also a feature writer with articles appearing in Fitness Life Magazine, Stuff Rugby, trade journals and Grownups New Zealand. Chris holds a number of directorships in companies in the health sector. He is currently:-

  • Managing Director - Wellness at Work Ltd
  • Director - Azolla Health Ltd
  • Director - Bodytool Ltd
  • Director - Scarsaway (Aust) Pty Ltd
  • Director - Bodywall Ltd

Why Bodywall is different

  • 1.
    With Bodywall you are the equipment.

    Unlike conventional training equipment Bodywall provides you with a platform to maximise your potential because you are the equipment, Bodywall is just the facilitator. With Bodywall you get to choose the load intensities in balanced contra lateral training and an ever changing routine of exercises that will leave you gasping for air and growing new muscles exactly where you need them not where a machine dictates.

  • 2.
    With Bodywall strength aerobic and functional exercises are done at the same time.

    On Bodywall everything happens at once so you get all forms of exercise at the same time. "I enjoy Bodywall because I get a massive strength workout and push my lung strength and cardio in one workout" Jason suttee Six times World Kick Box Champion.

  • 3.
    With Bodywall you can train even when carrying an injury.

    Bodywall was designed for rehabilitation so it is remarkably safe, so safe that you can even train if you are carrying serious injury. Because Bodywall works with any or all limbs and core at once, the system automatically provides balanced support for an injury.

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