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The Great Wall :: Fitness Life Magazine (by Libby Schultz)

Some predict it's going to change the way we work out. Others are hinting it could be as big as aerobics. Libby Schultz unveils the Bodywall, a Kiwi-bred innovation with the potential to take the international fitness industry by storm. When Chris Toal talks about his brainchild, he cheerfully... read more

Off the Wall :: Fitness Life Magazine (by Jay Harrison)

Who says you need weights and machines to get a good workout? Jay Harrison puts his back to the wall and finds that he can work up a good sweat all on his own. "Over my years in the fitness industry, I have experienced many different forms of exercise. I have been put through my paces by..." read more

Sticky Business :: IdeaLog Magazine (by Lauren Bartlett)

If you're into Spider Man (or Spider Pig) and you like muscles, you'll be right at home on the Bodywall. Chris Toal's invention consists of a special Velcro-like surface paired with a high-density carpet, to create a sticky wall that doubles as sports training equipment. But it's not just for superheros... read more

Increases in joint range of motion with the Bodywall system :: Successful Coaching Magazine

Patria A Hume, Simon Pearson and Chris Whatman present the results of their study to determine the effectiveness of the Bodywall system in improving joint range of motion. Flexibility has important implications in terms of... read more